Have you been driving around your neighborhood and thinking that the asphalt, paving, driveways Petersburg has are looking very old and tired? Are you on the board of your HOA? It might be time to work on getting the approval of all your neighbors to get together and have all the paved surfaces replaced at the same time. Why? It simply makes sense.

Houses and Roads were Built at the Same Time

Most HOA neighborhoods had all the houses, roads, and sidewalks built within a couple of years. It makes sense that they would all fail at the same time. Even if your HOA agreements leave the maintenance of driveways to the individual houses, you’ll be shocked at how much easier it is to have the asphalt, paving, and driveways in Petersburg resurfaced at the same time, too.

Paving Companies Charge Less for Large Single Jobs

If each house on the street scheduled their driveway to be resurfaced separately, they would each be charged for a half-day of a crew and truck. When the asphalt, paving, driveways Petersburg HOA are scheduled to be done together, you can cut the cost of the crew and trucks by using them for an entire day or week.

Maintain the Unified Appearance of Your Neighborhood

Finally, when you have the asphalt, paving, driveways in Petersburg resurfaced at the same time, your beautiful neighborhood will keep its clean and luxurious appearance, instead of displaying a patchwork of mismatched pavement in front of each unit.

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