‘’​​Our new-to-us house has a blacktop driveway and we knew it needed quite a bit of work. We also wanted some additional paving on the side of the house. Cousin Bill was super responsive and quick to provide the estimate. They prepped while it was still to cold to pave, and when the temps came up they were right on it! On paving day they realized the drainage was not where it needed to be and some of the old would have to come up to ensure it drained properly. It was a lot more work on their part. They charged us to the penny what the original estimate was and Cousin Bill let us know that he was covering the additional cost to honor the original quote.  [pause in amazement right there!] That is so unusual and not our experience with other contractors, not even close. The guys were great, the work is amazing, and they even took the time to put conduit under the paving so our invisible dog fence can be connected properly. We just can’t say enough about the quality of their work and their customer service. We will be bringing them back for the resealing work and would highly recommend them!’’

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