Asphalt is recycled, and you can get your driveway or parking lot paved with recycled asphalt in Springfield. In fact, at Illinois Paving, a significant portion of our business is built on recycled asphalt. We are proud to be the best paving contractor in Springfield to fully integrate recycled asphalt into our everyday products.


Recycled or reclaimed asphalt is a term given to removed or reprocessed materials that contain aggregates of asphalt. These materials get generated when asphalt pavements are replaced for purposes of reconstruction, resurfacing, or obtaining access to some buried utilities. If you want recycled asphalt in Springfield, we at Illinois Paving can offer you with recycled asphalt solutions.

Here are some things you need to know about the ways we use recycled asphalt in Springfield. First, up to 40% of new asphalt is made of recycled asphalt. Second, we have the capability of producing a warm mix of asphalt that needs 14% less fuel and emissions.

We have long known that recycling is good and environmentally friendly. However, when you consider how god recycling is also a good idea for a business, it leaves you wondering why everybody is not taking advantage of the numerous benefits of recycling!

If you are a resident living in Springfield County and need of asphalt paving or any other construction project, do not hesitate to call Illinois Paving on 217-788-7777. At Illinois Paving, we are not just good for the planet in general, but also good for business. We will assist you with any question related to paving in a respectable manner.


In many places across the globe, the use of recycled asphalt is steadily rising. The reason as to why many people are resorting to using recycled asphalt when paving their driveways or parking lots is due to a couple of benefits that come with using recycled asphalt. First, recycled asphalt is cheap and saves everybody’s money. By using recycled asphalt, you end up saving a lot of money than using new or fresh asphalt.

Second, recycled version of asphalt is just as perfect as the original or virgin asphalt as it is commonly known. Recycled asphalt does not lose any quality as many people would like to believe. In fact, a significant number of people are lately realizing that recycled asphalt work just like new asphalt. Some people even argue that recycled asphalt pavements or driveways are more durable than original asphalt. We at Illinois Paving embrace the usage of recycled asphalt in Springfield depending on your preferences.

Third, increased use of recycled asphalt as a percentage of the total mix has been found to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions as they eliminate significant fuel consumption needed to acquire and process raw materials for a virgin mix. For this reason, it is good for the environment and we have recycled asphalt in place in case you need it.

Lastly, sand, gravel, and stone, the aggregates of asphalt are a limited resource. Preserving these resources through the process of recycling is essential to keeping roads comfortable and safe. We have recycled asphalt at our facility ready to use if you need it.


We are ready to help you with all your paving needs. Since our inception, we have always believed in open communication. We have always encouraged our customers to call and inquire about the quality of our services especially by use of recycled asphalt. Many people tend to believe that recycled asphalt is not good for their driveways or parking lots. However, recycled asphalt works exactly the same as new asphalt. If you are now sure whether to use recycled asphalt or not for your parking lot or driveway, feel free to call us on 217-788-7777. If you happen to call us, we will handle you in the most professional. All of your questions will be responded to in a professional manner.