Recycled asphalt in Lincoln is turning out to be a trend being adopted by a majority of homes and business entities. Recycled asphalt is simply old or used asphalt that is reclaimed and ground into different aggregate sizes designed to fit certain asphalt solutions. When it has been compacted, the material can harden and bind together, making a great pick for use on driveways as it serves as a cost-efficient and strong sub-base material. To achieve the best results, the materials have to be professionally spread after properly grading excavating the parking lot or driveway. Recycled asphalt is mainly gained from old rooftops and damaged pavements or parking lots. Once reclaimed, they have to be sorted, cleaned, and processed into new asphalt that can be used to pave driveways or pavements. We at Illinois Paving run an efficient asphalt recycling facility that can transform old and damaged asphalt into virgin asphalt.


Recycled asphalt in Lincoln is easily available. We at Illinois Paving can offer you with recycled asphalt for your driveway, parking lot, or business entity if you need it. On a closer examination, it could be quite tasking to different recycled asphalt from new asphalt. Recycled asphalt performs the same function as the original asphalt and come with some benefits. Recycled asphalt is cheap and affordable to many. Recycled asphalt does not cost a lot and needs fewer raw resources than original asphalt. Its production also needs less labor and few man hours than original asphalt. Recycled asphalt is also environmentally responsible. Asphalt is not a biodegradable material, and any material left will take up space. At Illinois Paving, we are an environmentally friendly company that recycles used asphalt to create virgin asphalt.

Apart from the above, recycled asphalt produces excellent bonding since it still has some tar in it. Unlike other loose-fill driveway materials that paving companies in Lincoln use, recycled asphalt has the capability of bonding well together when compacted or wetted. Lastly, recycled asphalt is good for percolation purposes. For instance, the composition of recycled driveways and parking lots allow them to hold up well when it rains or snows. Recycled asphalt surfaces have the capability of preventing flooding and pooling on driveways, parking lots, and areas around your business. Recycled asphalt in Lincoln is easily available, and with us, you can get recycled asphalt that you can use in your driveway or parking lot.


Recycled asphalt in Lincoln is quite cheaper when compared to original or virgin asphalt. When installing recycled asphalt in Lincoln, a majority of companies are known for charging either by the ton or per square foot of asphalt installed. Recycled asphalt in Lincoln cost a lot with majority of companies in Lincoln charging over $2,300 and $10,300 to install asphalt driveways across many homes and business entities across Lincoln. At Illinois Paving, we do not charge exorbitant prices that may end up demoralizing our customers. Our prices, either by ton or per square foot are fair enough and unmatched when compared to those that our competitors offer. When you order recycled asphalt from us, rest assured that you will get the best prices that other paving companies do not offer.


Are residing in Lincoln and cannot afford to purchase new asphalt for your driveway or parking lot? We at Illinois Paving have recycled asphalt that is way much cheaper and durable. You can reach us at 217-788-7777.