Thank you for choosing Illinois Paving. We are a successful business specializing in paving driveways, parking lots, and business entities across Lincoln. We service both residential and commercial properties across the entire region of Lincoln. No matter what the scale of your project is, with Illinois Paving in place, you can relax. We have been in business for more than seven decades providing paving solutions in Lincoln. In the years that we have been in service, we have managed to receive several awards from the National Asphalt Pavement Association and the Annual National Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards.

These national commendations have provided us with a roadmap for excellence in the paving industry and the assurance that by working with us, you will be getting a quality job delivered on time by our team of highly trained experts. We are humbled and take pride in being recognized as one of the best asphalt companies across Springfield.

We have wide project expertise from paving driveways to parking lots to other multi-year interstate projects. We are a qualified contractor with the Lincoln Department of Transportation and strategically located throughout Lincoln where we offer our paving services.

We have done a huge number of projects ranging from resurfacing, building improvements, paving driveways and parking lots among others. Schools, hospitals, landowners, and business owners have been our biggest beneficiaries.


Paving in Lincoln has been our business for years. Our paving services come with professionalism and experience that you can count on – time after time. Only Illinois Paving offers such a strong heritage with dedicated third-generation owners who are directly involved in every part of your project combined with a total commitment to efficiency, value, and quality.

Our experts will cover all of your paving needs and more. Whether you need grading, milling, mix design, or base and stonework, we at Illinois Paving have an unrelenting concern for timely completion of any project at hand, an aspect that is perhaps our greatest point of difference with our competitors.

With us, expect a wonderful blend of latest technological innovations (Lasers, sonar, GPS) and the dedication of pure craftsmanship that has been part of the company culture for decades. We work on exceeding customer satisfaction by offering excellent paving services in Lincoln.

Paving in Lincoln has been our business. Do not scale back to your next paving needs. Let us mind all the paving details as you enjoy your time with us. We are easy to do business with anytime. We offer quality services, highly efficient personnel, and use the latest technology when paving your business, parking lot or driveway. You can bank on us with when it comes to paving.

Now the third generation of family business, Illinois Paving has done paving in Lincoln and resurfaced thousands and thousands of pavement miles, under some of the city’s most challenging conditions.

We have state-of-the-art, high-capacity machines, and plants that are strategically located in key locations around Lincoln ready to sort out all of your paving needs within the shortest time possible. When we work together, we want to leave behind satisfied customers.


Do you have an upcoming project that needs paving? You can give your next paving project some excellent results by calling one of the best contractors with a proud history and high mileage – Illinois Paving. We operate from Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturdays; you can also access our services though you will have to call in advance so that we can create time for you. You can reach us at 217-788-7777. Here, you will have all your questions concerning paving in Lincoln answered with our team of highly responsive and cooperative customer care assistants. To us, no question is dumb. Go ahead and ask any question related to paving. We will more than happy to respond to all of them.