There are many paving contractors in Springfield. However, there are important things that you need to be aware of before choosing the right paving contractor. Installing a new driveway is a huge project. As such, hiring the right paving contractor will ensure that you receive a job that is of good quality.

Some paving contractors in Springfield are not reliable at all and may end up delivering services that are of low quality. When looking for paving contractors, there are important considerations that you have to give priority. First, you would want to know if you are dealing with a reputable company. When looking for a contractor, their reputation in the field matters a lot. Such can be accomplished by researching them on websites that contain clients’ experiences on contractors or by visiting other paving sites that they have worked for before to see if they have done an excellent job.

Our reputation in the field is unmatched by our competitors. Having been in operation for decades, we have worked on delivering our services to a pool of satisfied clients in need of paving solutions. We are a good fit for your project and, if you choose us, all your paving needs will be handled professionally by our highly trained crew.

Second, professionalism matters a lot. A good contractor will at all times exhibit a professional demeanor before, during, and after the project is completed. We are a professional firm dressed for the job, punctual, and using the right tools. We will always keep you engaged immediately you contact us. As the project goes on too, we will ensure that we continue keeping you engaged. This will not end after the project is done. We will call you back to find out whether you were satisfied with our services.

Third, our company is fully insured and, our employees are highly trained to handle the challenges in the field. We have different types of training on different projects. We can provide you with information in a knowledgeable manner and can solve any problems that may arise in the course of the project. With us, we can dispel any worries you may have in regard to paving.

Besides all of the above, we are a licensed and bonded firm with a reliable credit rating. We offer a warranty or guarantee for the work we do and our product data sheets and material safety data sheets readily available when you need them. If you choose us, we can estimate the time that the job will take without hiding any information from you. We can safely and properly manage traffic control while the work is going on, an aspect that provides least disruptions to your business.


Finding the right paving you contractors in Springfield could be a daunting task. When searching for a paving contractor, all will be hoping for is someone who is reliable, experienced, and trustworthy. Not everyone you come across fits that description. Here are some no-go signs for anybody looking for a paving contractor in Springfield.

They do not have a business address

A reputable, registered business must have a designated business address. If a contractor that you are considering cannot provide you with one, then you could be dealing with people who are not qualified to do what they are supposed to do. We have a business address and an open line where you can reach us whenever you need our paving services.

They cannot provide a detailed quote and take only cash

This is another sign of bad contractors. If a paving contractor in Springfield cannot break down the quote for you and only want cash for services that they are about to offer, chances are that they are not registered business entities. Unregistered business entities may not refund you in the event of a mishap. At Illinois Paving, expect to be provided with a detailed quote coupled with some payment options that are convenient for you.


We are always ready to help you with your paving needs. You can call us to inquire about the services we offer. We do not offer asphalt driveway paving only. We have a wide range of services as opposed to undertaking driveway projects only. We do sealcoating, driveway repair, and parking lots expansions among others. Whenever you feel like your driveway needs a facelift or you need a completely new driveway or parking lot, do not hesitate to call us for help. Our lines are always open. We have an excellent team of highly responsive customer care attendants who are ready to help you with your paving needs. Call us today on 217-788-7777