Your car may have been damaged, or you could be limping for months with a broken leg due to sliding in a cracked or crumbling driveway that has not been paved. There are many paving contractors in Lincoln that paves driveways and parking lots though they cannot be compared to paving services offered by us at Illinois Paving. A smooth driveway is smooth and safe to drive on. We are a paving firm in Lincoln with the expertise of turning rough surfaces into smooth ones within a short time.

Roads paved with asphalt, gravel, or concrete are smooth and comfortable. They are cost-efficient, safe, and durable. There are hundreds of paving contractors across the entire city of Lincoln. However in terms of service delivery, none of them can be compared to excellent services offered by us.


Paving contractors in Lincoln are many. However, you need to find an experienced paving contractor when you need your driveway paved or your parking lot resurfaced. Choosing the right person for the job is vital. Not all paving contractors that located in Lincoln understand what they should do. Some of them are prone to shortcuts and getting the while done in a hurry while taking your hard-earned money. The following tips should help.

First, you need to get multiple quotes. By comparing paving prices that different paving contractors across Lincoln offer, then you will be in a position whereby you can choose the best firm from the list you have. We at Illinois Paving have the best and unmatched paving costs compared to the rest.

Second, it would be important if you went ahead and uncovered the reputation of the paving contractor that you are about to hire. We do not hide anything we do from our actual and potential customers. Our reputation in the years of service that we have been in business speaks for itself. Client testimonial coupled with positive reviews rank us the best paving contracting company in Lincoln.

Third, before choosing a paving contractor, it would also be important if went ahead and inquired about the experience that your potential contractor has in the field. You can consider aspects such as the years they have been in the industry, whether they can handle all of your questions and take you through the processes, and whether they can efficiently control traffic while paving. We have been paving driveways and Parking lots for more than five decades. All those years have shaped us into understanding what we do.


Not all contractors are genuine in what they do. With all the paving contractors in Lincoln, some are bad while a few such as us are good and honest in what we do. Disreputable paving firms tend to follow a certain typical pattern, and keeping an eye out for some of these signs is vital if you want to avoid trouble.

Shoddy paving contractors tend to carry on their job by using substandard material or a weaker mix that may not be well suited to your climate. Some of them use fewer materials and mainly insist on using asphalt that has been compacted at least two inches thick. If you dig deeper, you may be surprised to find out that a contractor that you are about to hire has limited warranty coverage and always prefers taking cash. These are some of the early warning signs of a shoddy contractor. To avoid all the inconveniences that may come with a shoddy contractor, just choose us. We are true, open, and honest in what we do.