Some areas and residential homes around Springfield are just paved with either bricks or concrete because it is fashionable. However, paving companies are supposed to do more than just paving. They are supposed to advice their clients on the importance of having paved surfaces, how they can go about maintaining their surfaces, and which materials are best for paving depending on their needs and usage.

First, an area is paved by paving companies and paving contractors for purposes of protection. Unpaved surfaces are prone are susceptible to some elements. Wind and rain will weather down sandy surfaces and over time, this can be a nightmare when trying to fix. When you install paving stones to areas around your home such as driveways, outer walls, or around your swimming pool, rest assured that these locations will be well protected. This exercise can easily be done by paving companies in Springfield, Illinois Paving being one of them.

Second, high traffic can become a real eyesore if an area is left unpaved. However, there are paving companies across Springfield that can offer solutions to such, Illinois Paving being one of them. We offer different paving solutions, literally one for your style and taste. Even though brick paving remains one of the most economical types of paving to use, as a paving contractor, we can create some of the most beautiful paving effects through simulated stone paving that will leave you satisfied.

Third, the importance of paving companies cannot be overlooked as they are the ones who design paved surfaces that are cheaper to maintain and last for many years if properly installed. This is one of the topmost reasons as to why people look for paving companies to install paved surfaces for them. An unpaved surface may become muddy, dirty, uneven, or unsafe after a rainy day. However, this could easily be prevented by having the area paved by paving companies such as Illinois Paving.


The quality of services and the reputation that we have across the entire Springfield County speaks for itself. With our team of highly professional individuals, some of the services we offer include asphalt paving, resurfacing, and sealcoating.

It is our belief to offer our clients what they desire. When we meet with you, we make sure that every detail that you may need is availed to you. We have office culture of punctuality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. When out of office and in the field working, our team of highly professional experts will still maintain this culture.


For more than seven decades, our teams of highly professional experts have been proudly providing different paving solutions such as asphalt and driveway paving for business owners, homes, and agricultural land across the entire Springfield County.

Our experience in the paving industry is unrivaled and, we take pride in knowing that we are the best in the industry. Our reputation is well known in Springfield County. With every client that we serve across Springfield, we always make sure that we surpass their levels of satisfaction.


We are the most reputable paving companies in Springfield. We believe that communication is essential to our company success also to completing your project. We are reachable for any inquiries that you may have. Feel free to inquire about your project estimates and during our meeting; we will provide you with all the details that you may need when it comes to either paving your driveway, areas around your home, or your business. Some paving companies in Springfield may not provide you with such details, but you can bank on us to provide you with such details. Whenever you feel like you need to have your driveway paved or parking lot installed, call us on 217-788-7777 and we will help you.