We began from one of the most humble beginnings to where we are today. Illinois Paving is a family-owned third generation business entity that has been paving the streets, pavements, parking lots, and driveways in Jacksonville for more than 72 years. Looking back at the 72 years that we have been in service, it is hard to imagine that our firm only had three dumping trucks, one compacting machine, and one asphalt mixture machine. However, the same is not the case today. Through hard work and dedication, we have managed to complete thousands of projects across Jacksonville and paved millions of square feet of asphalt. There are a couple of paving companies in Jacksonville. However, we lead the pack as others follow. Today, we boast of a highly experienced crew and state-of-the-art equipment able to handle all your paving needs.


As one of the paving companies in Jacksonville, we boast of having the biggest asphalt plant across Jacksonville. With that, we have been able to handle thousands of projects in a professional manner in the 72 years that we have been in service. We offer residential, commercial, and municipal paving across Jacksonville. If you are in need of parking lot, street, curb, or your driveway paved, we are always there to help. We have a team of highly trained experts who will oversee every part of the paving process, such as aggregate grinding and excavation. However, be aware that we offer more than just normal paving in Jacksonville. We are one of the proudest paving contractors in Jacksonville, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services.

First, when you choose to work with us, we can offer you with some of the lowest prices since we have our asphalt plant that can produce millions of tonnes of asphalt. Unlike other companies in Jacksonville, we cut out handling and other shipping costs. For this reason, we can offer our excellent services to you at lower prices compared to those that you will get from our rivals. Second, you will be guaranteed of quality assurance if you choose to work with us. We only use the highest quality of materials also to employing the most experienced workers to handle all paving needs or other projects in Jacksonville. Before the work is declared to be finished, the project supervisor will come to the site and inspect whether there are any missing details. Third, when you choose our services, we can provide you with one year warranty on all the paving services that we offer. If the work we do ends up sustaining damage in the year that follows installation, we will come and fix the problem free of charge. With us, you will have a piece of mind unlike other paving companies in Jacksonville that lack warranty.


Have you happened to come across a driveway or pavement that was done by us? Were you impressed and the owner referred you to us? That is the type of quality we offer. If you need our services, please go ahead and take advantage of our high quality, great service, and low prices. Feel free to call our offices during our normal business hours where you will be attended by responsive attendants. If you are in Jacksonville, you can reach us via phone. Our number is 217-788-7777. Due to the increasing number of clients that are continuing to flood our offices, you can also visit or call our offices on Saturday to have all of your paving needs sorted.