When getting the best paving New Berlin has ever seen, you need to make sure you follow simple maintenance steps to keep your pavement as clean as possible. If you fail to clean it regularly after installation, you are increasing the likelihood that it will crack and get damaged.

Why Poor Cleaning Causes Cracks

When you let your pavement get dirty and stained, mold and other contaminants are going to spread across its surface in a destructive way. As these stains work into the expansion cracks, they will let in water and give it a chance to expand and crack your concrete. And when small cracks occur, dirt and mold will work its way into here and continue to force the cracks even wider.

What You Need To Clean Your Pavement

There are several tools that you need to focus on when you decide to clean your pavement. They include a bucket, a long-handled brush, a hose hooked to an outdoor spigot, eye protection, and rubber gloves. Several of these tools are necessary for protecting yourself from potentially aggravating detergent but also help you really get down and dirty with your scrubbing. You’re also going to need a cleaning solution, such as powdered detergent, baking soda, or dish soap.

Cleaning Your Pavement

To clean your pavement, follow these steps:

  1. Mix your cleaning solution in a bucket
  2. Spread your cleaner across the surface of your pavement
  3. Scrub hard on stains, mold, and in the cracks
  4. Clean the entire surface of the pavement in this way
  5. Rinse off the driveway with the hose, using it to direct the runoff into a collection bucket
  6. Repeat the process as needed to break apart stains

How often should you clean your pavement in this way? You don’t need to do it that often. Once every two or three months is probably more than enough. You should do it at least once every season.

Make Sure Your Pavement Is In Great Shape

If you aren’t sure how to keep your pavement in great shape, contact the best paving New Berlin firms available. These skilled professionals will take steps to ensure that your pavement is in great shape. They can either clean it for you or provide high-quality spot repairs that increase your pavement strength and keep it in perfect shape for years to come.

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