When you choose Illinois Pavers for your driveway paving project, be rest assured that you will get value for your money. Our high-standard driveways pavers look great and are designed in a manner able to withstand heavy wear and tear of trucks, cars, recreational vehicles, and more. Designed to provide a lifetime of performance coupled with timeless good looks in any climate, our driveway paving stones are the perfect way to improve the exterior of your home or parking lot driveway while gaining the maximum return on your investment to driveway resurfacing.

Unlike the normal materials used, our interlocking driveway pavers are designed in a manner able to withstand drastic shifts in humidity and temperature without chipping, cracking, buckling, or splitting. Regardless of where you live or how harsh the weather could be, your Illinois driveway pavers are guaranteed to withstand all the elements year in year out. Not so many solutions that can provide the all-climate performance currently being offered by our paving stones are in place. For this reason, if you need driveway paving in Springfield, our driveway pavers will make sure that your driveway lasts for the longest haul.

Whether you plan to keep or sell your home or business entity in the future, a paver driveway surface from Illinois Pavers will ultimately provide quality and long-lasting results that will immediately become the envy of your friends and neighbors.


The cost of driveway paving in Springfield is largely dependent on size, labor, and materials used and can fall anywhere from fifty cents to fifty dollars a square foot. When choosing materials for driveway paving in Springfield, it is important to compare upfront prices being offered to long-term costs. Our driveway paving materials are very affordable to install and require little maintenance.

Driveways get heavy traffic on a daily basis and, it is important to ensure that they are durable and strong. With our driveway paving services in Springfield, be rest assured that all your driveway solutions will be catered for. Whether you need your driveway covered in gravel, asphalt, concrete, pavers or bricks, Pavers Illinois has got you covered with our popular material options for paving a driveway.

Apart from taking pride in making sure that we strive to treat our customers with the utmost respect, we offer some of the most affordable and unmatched affordable services across Springfield County. If you happen to inquire our driveway paving in Springfield, you will love our prices. Affordable prices for our clients are an important element that we always take into consideration. At Illinois Pavers, we understand that driveway paving is vital for business entities, homeowners, and agricultural properties among others. However, we do not want our clients breaking their banks to acquire our services.


A driveway in your home or business property is a big chance for both frequent usage and curb appeal. Driveway paving can be laid in a variety of patterns that end up creating stunning driveway designs. Your driveway is, in fact, the first things that guests will see upon arriving at your business firm or home. Your driveway can commonly be the most used surfaces outside your home and with great improvement, it is imperative to create a driveway that it unique on its own.

If you are looking for driveway paving patterns in Springfield, choose us. With us, you are guaranteed of stunning driveway patterns that can endure shifting weights of moving vehicles that will not require constant costly repairs. We can design your driveway in patterns such as I-Pattern and Herringbone among others.


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