Illinois Paving is a local family-owned asphalt paving contracting company that has been operation in Virden for more than 70 years now. Since our inception, we have gone ahead to establish ourselves as a high-quality commercial paving firm in Virden and the surrounding areas. Even though we started a small business firm, we are today one of the best paving companies providing the best industrial, commercial, and residential asphalt paving in Virden. Throughout the years that we have been in service, we have always ensured that we hire paving professional that have sufficient knowledge, expertise, and qualifications to handle any asphalt and driveway paving projects among others. In all that we do, we have always ensured that we do not compromise on quality, integrity, and fair pricing on all the projects assigned to us. Compared to other paving companies, our services are unrivaled by even our closest competitors.


We offer a wide range of services and specialize in nearly all types of paving. As asphalt paving company, we first specialize in asphalt paving where we install asphalt in driveways, parking lots, runways, basketball and tennis courts, and golf cart paths. We are not limited to these only. We also do asphalt driveways, tar and chip paving, overlays or resurfacing, sealcoating, slurry sealing, and crack filling. In the years that we have been in servicing Virden and its surrounding residents, we have managed to ensure that both large and small business entities, agricultural lands, and homeowners can access our paving services. We pave surfaces that require asphalt also to providing other services such as asphalt milling, excavation, resurfacing, and any other custom services. We are the only the asphalt company in Virden that have been in business for long to understand and satisfy client needs.


We are undoubtedly the biggest most reliable and efficient asphalt paving company in Virden. We have served the residents of Virden long enough to understand their needs when it comes to offering paving services. Why then should you work with us? The reasons are endless. However, if you choose to work with us, rest assured that you will be getting quality services that no any paving companies and paving contractors across Virden can equal. With us, we will ensure that we just not meet your expectations, but exceed them. Choosing to source for our paving services is equal to being offered with some of the lowest and most competitive prices in the market. Unlike other companies that do driveway paving or asphalt paving, when choosing our services, you will most likely be offered with free project estimates. We are an environmentally cautious firm. We used recycled asphalt to reduce landfill that is destroying the environment.


We are happy to be Virden’s number one choice to clients in need of paving solutions. We are also happy to respond to every question being asked to us by our potential and actual clients. In the past and even now, clients have wanted to know some issues related to paving and our response have always been timely and satisfactory. For instance, some have always wanted to know whether they need to pave their surfaces or not. To be honest, paved surfaces are safe, comfortable, and easy to maintain than unpaved ones. These and many other questions have been timely responded to by our crew.


If you are in need of paving services in Virden, call us on 217-788-7777 for assistance. Your questions will be handled in a professional manner by our customer care assistants.