We are a third generation business that has been paving the streets, driveways, and parking lots across Staunton for more than 72 years and counting. We had humble beginnings, but with hard work through the years of operation, the company has managed to grow into becoming the giant asphalt paving company that it is today. Within Staunton and its neighboring surroundings, we at Illinois Paving are well known by a significant number of people as one of the best paving companies when it comes to installing, resurfacing, or patching driveways, parking lots or footpaths. Our firm has been able to repair, patch, or install a significant percentage of driveways and parking lots across Staunton and its neighboring surroundings. Our reputation across Staunton is positive and impressive for us. We are proud to know that the quality work we do in the area has been positively received and reviewed by the growing list of our customers.


Unpaved surfaces in Staunton have been found to be one of the leading causes of injuries and accidents. There is a huge chance of a car causing an accident when being driven on an unpaved surface than it would for paved surfaces. We at Illinois Paving value your life and we do not want to see you or your vehicle being destroyed by loose stones that are mainly present in unpaved surfaces. It is for this reason that we took the initiative of ensuring that driveways, roads and parking lots across Staunton and the neighboring surroundings are paved. Our services can be accessed by homeowners, business entities with large parking lots, schools, and hospitals among others. We offer paving solutions to anybody willing to have his or her parking lot or driveway paved. We offer asphalt paving and tar and chip paving, sealing, repairs, and resurfacing by either new or recycled asphalt.


First of all, we are a top quality highly dependable firm that has offered paving solutions in the entire region of Illinois for decades. All along, we have left behind a trail of satisfied customers who have either returned for our services or referred our services to their friend and relatives. The positive customer reviews and testimonials that we have been given by our customers is proof that we understand what we are doing in the paving business unlike other paving companies and paving contractors. We are an asphalt company offering driveway paving solutions that are unmatched and unrivaled. More importantly, we give back to the environment by ensuring that we use recycled asphalt that has been found to environmentally friendly. We do not want to add additional landfill to the ones already existing in the environment. Unlike other paving companies, we believe in the protection of the ecosystem. Our recycled asphalt is top quality and works the same as new asphalt. If you choose to work with us, rest assured knowing that you will have an excellent driveway or parking lot that your friends and neighbors will envy.


There is nothing more frustrating than calling a line only to be met by rude or unresponsive attendants. To us, poor communication translates to a loss of trust and reduced profitability margins. We always embrace communication. When you call us for our paving services, you will be handled by highly responsive and patient attendants ready to answer all your paving needs. Our customer care attendants are respectful and cooperative. If you live in Staunton and you need paving solutions, just call us on 217-788-7777.