Besides other services, for more than 72 years, Illinois Paving has transformed to become one of the most dependable firms that do asphalt paving in Springfield. All along, we have been involved in every type of asphalt, and no job is either too big or too small for us. We are involved in all jobs from the beginning all the way to its end while constantly looking for ways of further improving our products and performance. Daily, we strive for perfection in asphalt paving in Springfield with a team of highly motivated personnel working to offer some of the best asphalt paving services around and leaving behind a pool of satisfied customers.


Are you residing in Springfield Country and need asphalt paving? If this is the case, then we are a company devoted towards ensuring that we of the best asphalt paving in Springfield. We are a company geared towards ensuring that every project on our hands is completed right on time coupled with high-quality standards. If you choose our asphalt paving services, you are making an investment that will last for years.

Your favorite car, truck or a friend’s car can be damaged by bad or a substandard asphalt pavement. When done in the right manner, areas such as parking lots and driveways will allow you have a smooth ride that is safe and comfortable to either walk or drive on. Poorly done pavements and driveways can begin cracking and opening up holes which could be dangerous to you and your car. However, with us, you will not have to worry about the quality of your driveway or pavement. We can construct your pavements or driveway to suit your needs. With us, all your worries regarding unpaved driveways will be gone.

Apart from asphalt maintenance, we can replace, expand existing driveways, or resurface your existing driveway to suit all of your needs. Adding value and beauty to your property at a cost-effective price is what we at Illinois Paving take pride in over the years we have been in business.


Our asphalt paving services in Springfield cut across many fields such as residential, state and public, commercial and recreation centres among others. All of our work is of high quality, dependable, and professional in nature. Customer satisfaction and good client reviews are our goal. With our asphalt paving in Springfield, you can expect great pricing, top quality, and a company large enough to take care of all your asphalt paving needs ,but too small to care.

Our services cut across residential, commercial, and industrial properties including new installations, removal and, replacement, resurfacing, patching, sealcoating, milling, and enlargements. We have references available for parking lots, schools, universities, municipal and country roads, and driveways. We at Illinois Paving offer a full line of protective coatings for your asphalt such as coal and tar slurry, hot asphalt base, hot pour crack filler, and rubberized filler among others.

We are extremely professional and prompt. Immediately you accept our quote; we immediately send our team of experienced crew to your premises or the location of your choice to handle any of your asphalt needs. We show up at an exact time and make sure that we complete the job at the stated time. Besides, we are only a phone call away should you be in need of other extended asphalt services that we offer. Such extended services include parking lot expansion, driveway sealing, and industrial sealcoating among others.

We have been in business for more than seven decades and all these years, through experience gained while working, handling your asphalt needs is not as tasking as such. However, that is not the type of mindset that we harbor. We not only meet customer expectations, but also do our best to exceed them.


Are you in need of a smooth driveway that is comfortable to walk or drive on? Are you tired of your unpaved, dangerous, and uncomfortable driveway? We at Illinois Paving can assist you. Feel free to call us for help. We value your inquiries and encourage you to call us to have all questions about paving handled by our team of highly responsive customer care assistants. You can visit our offices or call us on 217-788-7777 to have all your paving needs taken care of. We open our offices from Monday to Friday. However, if you are busy between these days, upon request, we can schedule a meeting with you on Saturday also. As a customer, we value you. We do not want to lock anybody out, and that is why we can also be reached on Saturday.