We are a third generation asphalt company serving Scott County and its surrounding cities for more than seven decades. Even though we started small, our founder was determined to ensure that he turns the company into one of the best paving company in Scott County Illinois in general. Today, that dream has been achieved as we are the number one most dependable asphalt company offering paving solutions in Scott County and the neighboring towns. Compared to other paving companies spread out across Scott County, none of them can match the services offered by us. Since our inception 72 years ago, we have managed to gain the much-needed experience what it comes to offering paving solutions. We have a great reputation serving the local area, and that is why we have managed to stay in business for long. We are proud to continue serving residents in Scott County and its environs.


Scott County residents have got their own paving needs that require to be handled, and as an asphalt company with good leads in the area, we believe that we are covering some of the main paving and sealcoating necessities such as driveway paving, asphalt paving, tar, and chip paving among others. We have been doing this (paving) for years to the extent of witnessing both new and repeated clients that are satisfied with the quality of services that we offer. We are not relenting on matters to do with the delivery of quality services when doing driveway paving, asphalt paving, tar, and chip paving among others that have made customers knock on our office door requesting to be served with paving solutions. We are an asphalt firm with highly trained experts ready to sort out all your paving needs.


We serve all the residents of Scott County and its surrounding locations. Scott County is fairly large and in the years that we have been in service, no location is big enough for us to handle. We have provided driveway paving and asphalt driveways services to thousands of homes across Scott County. Majority of homeowners across Scott County have utilized our services based on the fact that we offer top quality paving services that stand out from the rest. Business owners and landowners who need part of their driveways or parking lots paved have also inquired about our services based on the fact that we offer quality services that other paving companies and paving contractors across Scott county have not been able to match.


Illinois Paving is the only asphalt company that believes in exceeding customer satisfaction while embracing quality. Where quality lacks, customer satisfaction is impossible to achieve. Working with us will guarantee you the best paving results you will ever see elsewhere. With our knowledgeable team of highly industrialized personnel, you can be assured of safe and comfortable driveways and parking lots. We have been in the business for years, and we know how best to satisfy our customers. Choosing to be served by us is probably one of the best decisions you will make in your lifetime. We guarantee quality work regardless of the materials we use. We are aware of how much dangerous landfill can cause to the environment and that is why we mainly choose to use recycled asphalt.


Communication has been a vital part of our company’s growth. We have always encouraged our customers to call us whenever they have questions to do with paving. Call us, and we will assist you too. If you live in Scott County, you can call us on 217-788-7777 to be assisted.