Illinois Paving is a highly dependable number one choice asphalt paving company that has served residents in the city of Rochester, Illinois for more than 72 years. We are a third generation family-owned business, highly competitive and a professional asphalt company that has been offering asphalt pavement services, asphalt maintenance, also to many other commercial services in the city of Rochester and the surrounding locations. We are a big company and a leader in the paving industry across the city of Rochester. However, we rose from humble beginnings to where we are today.

What transformed us from being a small backyard business to the giant company that we are today is a focus on quality and the desire to exceed or surpass normal customer satisfaction levels. We are industry experts in the paving industry and being envied by a significant number of our competitors.


We offer a wide range of services beginning from consultation regarding your paving needs, requirements needed, and budget estimates for your next project. As an asphalt company, our main specialty is working with asphalt, though we offer many other services. We are a company known for our long lasting reputation of providing our customers with timely completion of projects coupled with long-lasting results. When you are in need of new asphalt paving construction, tar and chip paving, driveway paving, and sealcoating services, we are here to help you. We also undertake excavation and removals, installation of stone bases, and resurfacing of parking lots and driveways in park districts, schools, colleges, shopping centers, and playgrounds. We offer our wide range of services to business owner both large and small, homeowners, and agricultural landowners in need of paving solutions in Rochester and the neighboring surroundings.


Apart from other paving companies and paving contractors located in Rochester, there is no any other company that offers top-notch paving services than we do. Client testimonials and reviews from residents living in Rochester and its surroundings is proof enough that we are in the paving business and understand our roles. If you choose to source for our services, expect to be met by a team of our highly qualified crew ready to deliver to you high-quality work that will leave you satisfied. Since our inception, we have always believed in the delivery of high-quality work and excellent customer care. Whether you need your driveway paved with new or recycled asphalt, choosing us to serve you will leave you a satisfied customer as we will deliver quality work that you will love. We glad for being the top choice for both new and old clients in Rochester.


You cannot compare the feeling of walking or driving on a paved surface to that of an unpaved surface. Paved surfaces are safe, comfortable, and fun to ride on. Many firms can offer you with paving services, but none can make your driveway or parking lot smoother and even than us. With decades of experience in paving, we can provide you with a smooth, comfortable, and safe driveway.


If you are a resident of Rochester and you are having a tough time having to navigate your vehicle on an unpaved surface, do not suffer while the rest of your friends enjoy driving on paved surfaces. We at Illinois Paving are ready to help. We have working phone lines manned by professionals who are ready to respond to every question that you could think of. Call us today at 217-788-7777 for answers.