Illinois Paving is a family-owned third generation asphalt company that has been paving parking lots, driveways, and roads across Pittsfield Township for more than 70 years. Even though we are now regionally known as one of the biggest and most efficient asphalt paving company, looking back at where we came from could be hard to imagine. We started as a small paving firm only paving driveways and parking lots in few locations around Springfield. Today though, we are regarded as giants across the paving industry in Pittsfield Township thanks to our dedication and focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our firm comprises of highly experienced personnel working with the best equipment in the field while utilizing the latest technology to pave driveways and parking lots across Pittsfield Township. We are proud to have served residents of Pittsfield for more than 70 years, and we would not relent on offering paving services that are efficient and of high quality.


When it comes to meeting your paving needs around Pittsfield Township, nearly all companies located in the area may assist you ,but not with efficiency, quality, and promptly as we would. We are a highly reliable asphalt company with years of experience to show for. All our past projects have been completed by a highly trained crew with sufficient knowledge of the latest technology. If you choose to utilize our driveway paving, asphalt paving, or tar and chip paving solutions, rest assured that your driveway will be the envy of neighbors and friends. We have been in business for long to understand how to go about satisfying our customers. We can customize your driveway, parking lot, or areas around your firm with your desired pattern and material. Reviews and testimonials from our clients position us well ahead of the pack, and we are proud to have served Pittsfield Township residents and in the years to come.


Pittsfield Township is home to many homeowners, business entities, and a couple of agricultural farms. In the years that we have been in the paving business, we have serviced hundreds of homeowners by helping them in some paving solutions such as driveway paving, asphalt paving, and tar and chip paving. We have helped homeowners either repair, install, or resurface their driveways and parking lots. Business entities have also not been left behind. Apart from sealcoating, we have assisted businesses in expanding their parking lots or repairing their existing ones due to heavy traffic that they receive on a daily basis. Owner of agricultural farms across Pittsfield Township has also enjoyed our quality services as we have been able to pave parts of their farms by using environmentally friendly recycled asphalt unlike other paving companies and paving contractors with little concern for the environment they are operating on. Simply put, we cover the entire Township of Pittsfield, and its surroundings and we are easily accessible.


Servicing the entire Pittsfield Township has been our greatest honor. We take pride and deeply humbled by being considered as the number choice by our clients on matters to do with paving. As a team, we thank our clients for continuing to believe in us. In all the years that we have been in service, we have always ensured that we foster good communication with our clients. This has not stopped at all. We encourage you to call as at your earliest discretion to have all your questions relating to paving answered. If you are in Pittsfield Township, our phone number is 217-788-7777.