As a family-owned business, we are humbled and take pride in making sure that we always provide the best paving experiences we possibly can to residents in Petersburg. For over 70 years, we have been able to serve residents of Petersburg and the surrounding communities with great humility.

On a daily basis, our team that comprises of highly professional individuals who have worked to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the services we provide them with.

Our company has always believed in top quality services. Whenever we have a project to undertake, we ensure that we not only meet the expectation of the customer but surpass it. Since the inception of our company more than 70 years ago, our mission has always been centered on exceeding our client’s expectations. This is the reason as to why we are Petersburg’s first choice when it comes to the provision of paving services.


As an asphalt company working on providing paving services for the locals living in Petersburg, it is in our knowledge that there are other specific paving services required that some paving companies and paving contractors in the city may not meet. Some of the areas we serve include agricultural lands, businesses, and residential homes. We treat everyone like family and we work to ensure that anybody in need of our services can access them. Some of the services we provide include driveway paving and asphalt paving where we expand current parking lots, repair damaged driveways and parking lots, undertake industrial sealcoating, tar and chip paving, and installation of new parking lots and driveways. If you are a homeowner in Petersburg in need of paving services such as the new driveway and parking lot installation, driveway sealcoating, or patching and repairs of basketball and tennis courts, you can contact us for such services. Agricultural landowners can also contact us for our paving services. For the years that we have been in service, we have installed agricultural cow paths, undertaken sealcoating, and paved farm lanes. Each citizen living in Petersburg in need of paving services is encouraged to consult us for quality paving services.


We are an asphalt paving company in Petersburg; our goal is to make sure that we provide some of the most affordable and top quality services to the local community. Making our services affordable to all the residents of Petersburg is one of the core values that have been driving our business for decades. Majority of have tried to inquire whether we offer discounts to certain businesses and people in the society. The answer is simple. We offer discounts to some people in the society. Institutions such as churches that try to preach peace and harmony in the society are offered some discount if they need paving services. Also, servicemen and women who put their lines in defending the country against external aggressors are some of the people across the society that get when they need to be sorted out with paving services. Lastly, those people who prefer recycled asphalt to new asphalt also get some discount.


We keep an open line where you can inquire about our paving services. We are proud to respond to any paving-related question that you have. For us, no question related to paving is dumb or awkward. We have a team of excellent professional ready to handle all your inquiries. Residents of Petersburg can reach as via 217-788-7777.