Illinois Paving is a family-owned third generation business that has been providing paving services for more than 72 years now. Beginning from humble grounds with a few trucks and paving machinery, we have transformed to become the largest paving company in Pana and the whole region of Illinois. We always use some of the latest technology and equipment in the jobs that we do, and we are deeply knowledgeable about our work. We are proud to have paved thousands of miles of driveways, parking lots, and walkways around Pana and we are elated for having a positive history within Pana and its surroundings. We have provided paving solutions for homeowners and businesses across the entire region of Pana proudly for more than 72 years. To us, no job is too big or too small to handle. In the years that we have been in service, we have appreciated positive customer feedback and testimonials.


As an asphalt company in Pana, we believe that we are your better option when it comes to solving your paving needs. Compared to other paving companies operating in Pana, our service are unmatched. From driveway paving to tar and chip paving to asphalt paving, the quality of work we leave behind speaks for itself. Since our incorporation more than 72 years ago, we are proud to have served the residents of Pana who continue to seek our services many years later when they want to expand their driveways or parking lots. We have always worked on maintaining a high level of work that will leave our customers satisfied. We believe in integrity, quality work, and fair pricing when customers see our services. Since our inception, we have managed to maintain exactly that. It is with great pleasure to continue serving the residents of Pana with our excellent paving services that cannot be matched by paving companies and paving contractors across Pana.


Have you ever been injured as a result of tripping and falling on an unpaved surface? Do you have a part of your car that got damaged by loose rocks and stones on an unpaved driveway or parking lot? Unpaved surfaces are uncomfortable and dangerous to drive on. We at Illinois Paving understand this fact, and that is why it has been our initiative to provide paving services for Pana residents for the better part of our history. Our paving services are top notch as they are done by professional individuals who understand the job. Whether you need your driveway or parking lot paved with asphalt or concrete, Illinois Paving has got you covered.


Illinois Paving has been repairing, installing, and resurfacing driveways, parking lots, walkways, and agricultural lands for more than 72 years and counting. When it comes to installing driveways and parking lots, no any paving company offers excellent services even if they choose to use new asphalt as opposed to recycled asphalt. In our years of service as a paving firm, we have paved thousands of miles of driveways and parking lots in Pana, and leaving behind satisfied customers who have positively recommended us.


We are a company dedicated to ensuring that we offer you with the best paving experience ever. As we take great pride in the work we do, we also want to ensure that we communicate back to you regarding any question that you may have about paving. If you are ready to utilize our services, feel free to call us at 217-788-7777 to have all your questions answered.