Illinois Paving is a family-owned asphalt paving company that has been in the business of paving streets, cow paths, parking lots, and driveways in New Berlin for more than 70 years. We started as a small business entity only doing small patch work and repairs, but through hard work and the desire of our founders to offer quality services unmatched by other paving companies, we have grown to become the most trusted, dependable, and reliable asphalt paving company in New Berlin. The provision of quality services in what we do has made to be rated positively by many residents of New Berlin. With the years that we have been in service, we have managed to gain sufficient experience to the extent of being regarded as the number one choice by many of our clients when it comes to the provision of paving services. Our experience in the paving industry across New Berlin is unmatched. We have been in business for long to understand majority needs of clients.


Since the inception of our company more than 70 years ago, we have worked hard to ensure that business entities, residential homeowners, and individuals with agricultural land are accorded with our services. Business owners have been our largest clientele. With businesses expanding, majority of business owners have been compelled to add expand their current parking lots, resurface their existing ones, or install new ones to accommodate clients that visit them. Based on our reputation across New Berlin and its surroundings, majority of business owners have inquired about our services and we have proudly served them whenever they come calling. We have helped business owners repair their current parking lot, install new ones, or repair those that have been damaged due to huge traffic. To residential home owners in need of driveway paving or asphalt paving, we have gone ahead to assist them too. We can confidently say that thousands of miles of paved surfaces in New Berlin are courtesy of us. We have also gone ahead to pave majority of cow paths across New Berlin.


When it comes to comparing the amount of experience that paving companies and paving contractors have regarding paving driveways either with new, recycled asphalt or by concrete among other materials, the experience that we have speak for itself. First, we have been in service for more than 70 years. All these time, we have gained the much-needed experience in paving. Second, the amount of calls and clients that visit our company on a daily basis is proof that our experience cannot be equaled to any other paving company across New Berlin. Third, we have a positive reputation across the entire region of New Berlin when it comes to paving. To many residents of New Berlin, we are their first choice when it comes to making choices on which paving company to source their services from.


Since our inception, we have always ensured that you are provided with the best paving services in New Berlin. Despite taking great pride in the work we do, we also harbor the same amount of pride in ensuring that we maintain an open communication policy. We always encourage both current and potential customers to feel free and call us whenever they have issues to do with paving. We have an excellent team of customer service teams who are ready to assist you with any burning question that you may have when it comes to paving. In fact, all questions related to paving are treated with utmost respect and no question is regarded as dumb or awkward in some way.