Starting as small asphalt paving company more than 72 years ago, Illinois Paving is currently recognized by clients and a significant number of industry experts as being Illinois’ best paving firm. To clients in need of paving solutions, we are the obvious choice due to our consistency in the provision of quality services unmatched by any other paving contractors in the industry. Even though we started small, we are regionally known as an asphalt company who are not only knowledgeable with our work ,but also use the latest technology when patching, repairing, or installing your driveway, parking lot, residential areas, or footpaths. For the more than 72 years that we have been diligently and professionally in service, we have been able to gain sufficient experience when it comes to handling all paving needs.


We at Illinois Paving are highly dependable, professional, and efficient in what we do. Unlike other paving companies across Lincoln, we always ensure that we exceed customer satisfaction. With us, you will get high-quality work, years of warranty, free advise on matters to do with paving, and free project estimate. Our crew that contains a team of highly professional individuals will arrive at your premises on time and take care of all your paving needs and leave you a satisfied customer. Our prices are unmatched in the paving industry. Besides offering top-notch quality services, we ensure that no matter your budgetary limits, you can still have your driveway, parking lot, or any other space paved to suit your needs.


Paving has been our business for decades. At Illinois Paving, we will take care of all your paving and other needs such as tar and chip paving, asphalt paving, and driveway paving. Our teams of experienced technicians are capable of almost paving anything. We serve a wide pool of homeowners, business owners, schools, and other institutions. We do asphalt paving for farms, baseball courts, garage floors, and tennis courts. Apart from sealcoating, we also use recycled asphalt to install asphalt driveways. We are environmentally friendly, and by use of recycled asphalt sourced from our firm, asphalt paving has become even cheaper for consumers and Paving contractors. We are fully insured and we use latest technologies to offer indoor paving too.


We serve the entire region of Lincoln. Whether you are in Lincoln and the surrounding towns, just remember that we are a phone call away from arriving and helping you with all your paving needs. We serve locations such as Bartlett, Naperville, Buffalo Grove, Park Ridge, Oak Park, and Elk Grove Village. Our services cut across the entire region of Lincoln. For decades we have served residential homeowners, business owners, and a host of agricultural properties in need of paving in Lincoln. Business and homeowners are encouraged to inquire about anything to do with paving, and we will proudly respond on time. We are capable of handling almost every question and project related to paving anywhere within the city Lincoln.


We take pride in having been the leading asphalt company in Lincoln for years. We will not stop there. We want to improve to become even better. We take time to communicate with our customers. By constantly communicating with our customers, we get to understand them and their paving needs. Our phone lines are manned by highly trained individuals positioned to answer any burning that you may have about paving. We operate from Monday to Saturday. If you call our offices on 217-788-7777 during the day, all your questions related to paving will be answered.