Asphalt pavement refers to any paved road that is surfaced by use asphalt. Asphalt is a combination of stone, sand, or gravel that is bound together by asphalt cement which is a product of crude oil. Besides other paving services such as patching and spot repairs, we have been doing asphalt paving in Lincoln for more than 70 years.


Asphalt paving is very popular nowadays in many locations across Lincoln. In fact, it is the first choice for most companies based on the benefits that come with it. First, asphalt paving is a very durable paving material. It is highly resistant to traffic and allows you to drive on it and park without any problems. Asphalt pavements are extremely safe surfaces too.

Second, asphalt does extremely well in nearly all climates. The material can be flexible hot climates and have the possibilities of resisting cracking in extremely cold temperatures. When it snows, you can easily remove snow particles or ice from your paving by using plows or shovels. Additionally, asphalt surfaces absorb a lot of sunlight during winter, which helps snow and ice to melt. Whenever you need your pavement or parking lot paved with asphalt, do not look further afield. We at Illinois Paving have you covered with our quality asphalt.

Third, asphalt paving in Lincoln is turning out to be a popular choice for consumers and companies dealing in asphalt paving. To consumers, it is fairly cheap and therefore affordable. To a company such as ours with concern towards the environment, asphalt is recyclable and reusable.


Asphalt paving in Lincoln is an exercise carried by hundreds of contractors or companies across the entire city of Lincoln. Quite often, you may find yourself in a position where the asphalt paving contractor that you have hired ends up providing you with more problems than solutions. At Illinois Paving, we are not such type of contractors. We are a highly professional and experienced asphalt firm providing excellent paving services for more than 70 years.

There are signs to look for in a bad asphalt paving contractor in Illinois. Majority of bad asphalt paving contractors will not answer your calls after installation. Some of them will not take any responsibility whatsoever if they damage part of your property when doing asphalt paving. A bad asphalt paving contractor will use excuses such a telling you that their car broke down and will prefer taking cash as opposed to a cheque or other means of payment.

We are not the above type of contractors. At Illinois Paving, we promptly do away with rubble during and after asphalt pavement. With us, rest assured that all your call to our line will be answered also to taking responsibility if things go wrong during asphalt pavement. We have a good administration in place, and we will not charge you a huge deposit, unlike other companies that offer the same services such as ours. Our teams of field experts are highly professional and wear the right attire to work and while on site, we carry our toilet on site for our staff to use.


In the years that we have been in service, we have fostered a culture of open communication policy. Senior managers and junior employees communicate towards each other in an open manner. While out in the field doing asphalt paving in Lincoln and its surrounding areas, we make sure that we openly communicate with our clients and while in office, we have an open line that is reachable anytime our offices are open. If you need our services, call us on 217-788-7777.