Illinois Paving is a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality paving services to Hillsboro residents. Our company rose from humble beginnings to become the giant paving company that it is today. Before turning out to be the preferred choice for offering paving solutions in Hillsboro and the entire state of Illinois, our company had to learn how to provide high-quality and custom paving solutions to businesses and homeowners. Since its inception 72 years ago, mistakes and challenges encountered have been taken as lessons by our firm. Thanks to hard work and determination, our firm is today the leading asphalt company in Hillsboro that provides paving solutions like no other. We take pride in having a positive working relationship with Hillsboro residents, and we want to continue serving the local community for years to come. We are here to serve you whenever you need our paving services.


In as much as unpaved driveways, parking lots, and areas around agricultural fields in Hillsboro could be dirty; they are also dangerous and uncomfortable to walk or drive on. Dirt and loose stones kicked by cars and farm machines could be harmful. At Illinois Paving, we understand such, and this is the reason as to why we have decided to assists residents with all their paving needs. We do driveway paving, tar and chip paving, and asphalt paving too. Additionally, whether you need your parking lot or driveway replaced, repaired, or installed, we have a team of highly trained professional experts ready to do the job. We have been in service for more than 72 years and for all this time, we have gained sufficient experience when it comes to all matters to do with paving. Our company has some core values that we take very seriously including high-quality work, fair pricing, and integrity.


A couple of paving companies and paving contractors offering paving services are in Hillsboro. However, the services we offer are unmatched even by our closest rivals. With more than 72 years in business, we have managed to gain necessary knowledge and experience when it comes to offering high-end paving solutions. From driveway paving to asphalt paving, there is no any other paving company that comes close to us. We offer high-quality paving services that leave customers satisfied with us. For schools, homeowners, and business owners, we offer services that include sealcoating, expanding parking lots, installing and repairing new driveways, and patching current holes present within parking lots. We are Illinois Paving are cautious towards what we do to the environment. Recycling is good for the environment, and unlike other paving companies, we always make sure that we use recycled asphalt.


Do you live Hillsboro or its neighboring surroundings? Are you in need of paving services from a reputable company? Look no further. Illinois Paving has been offering high-end quality paving services to residents of Hillsboro for more than 72 years now. We have serviced schools, hospitals, businesses, and agricultural facilities in local towns around Hillsboro such as Witt, Island View, and Irving among others. Our services can easily be accessed by anybody living in Hillsboro without too much difficulty.


Communication has been our pillar of success all along. We believe that we talk together, we work together. We have always encouraged customers with paving needs to call us anytime and have their paving needs handled. We have a team of motivated and responsive customer care assistants ready to help you. You can call 217-788-7777 for assistance.