Illinois Paving is one of last remaining third generation family-owned business entity that has been providing paving services in Illinois for quite some time. Illinois Paving opened its doors more than 72 years ago as a small firm with few trucks and paving machines. However, we have undergone unimaginable tremendous changes. Illinois Paving has through the years transformed to be one of the most efficient, dependable, and high-quality firms offering paving solutions across the entire region of Illinois. As a paving company, Illinois Paving has tirelessly worked to ensure that Greenville residents in Illinois have all their paving issues sorted out be they asphalt paving, tar and chip paving, or driveway paving. We at Illinois paving have unmatched experience and quality performance when it comes to the installation, repair, or resurfacing of driveways, walkways or footpaths.


When you are in the business of looking for a paving company that or a paving contractor, all you want is a firm that will deliver exceptional services to you and leave you satisfied. You do not want to work with a person or a firm that will leave you regretting as to why you chose them. We at Illinois Paving have in the business of paving for more than five decades. We understand the challenges that come with paving. We at Illinois Paving have sufficient experience in regard to everything about paving surfaces. Are you are resident of Greenville? Why look elsewhere when we can solve all of your paving needs at once? We have the necessary experience based on the years that we have been in service. Our customers are our asset and satisfying them is one of our topmost priorities. When you choose to work with us, you will get not only free estimates, but also a one-year warranty for the work we have done. Compared to other paving companies, our quotes are the most competitive in the market.


Driveways, parking lots, and walkways among others need to be paved for comfort and safety. Unpaved surfaces are dangerous to drive or walk on. Chances of vehicles or some people sliding and falling on unpaved driveways and parking lots are some of the leading causes of injuries in Greenville. Loose stones, protruding roots of trees, and abandoned objects on unpaved driveways and parking lots across Greenville have damaged car bumpers and injured a lot of people. When you choose a paving company such as ours, all of these incidences will be avoided. Since our inception more than 72 years ago, we have been offering paving solutions ranging from asphalt paving, driveway paving, and tar and chip paving across the entire region of Greenville. As opposed to other paving companies who are not environmentally friendly, we understand the importance of conserving the environment to the extent of using recycled asphalt in most of our paving projects.


Is your driveway damaged, cracked, or needs full replacement? Our team of experienced personnel can help you within the shortest time possible. All we need from you is a simple call or a visit to our Greenville offices where you will have all your questions related to paving answered. We don’t believe that any question related to paving is dumb enough not to answer. We have a team of representatives ready to answer your questions from Monday to Friday. Since we value you, we are also available on Saturdays too. If you are in Greenville, call us on 217-788-7777 for assistance in paving.