As a local sealcoating and paving service for Clinton residents, our goal has always been to provide excellent and top quality services to our ever growing number of clients. For more than seven decades, we have been in service across the entire state of Illinois undertaking our role with a lot of pride and success all along. We are a giant firm that started small to where we are today. Throughout the years that we have been in operation, we have paved miles and miles of pavements, driveways, and parking lots across many town and cities in Illinois. Even though we are a family-owned asphalt company dealing driveway paving and tar and chip paving among others, we treat our customers as part of our family. We work on providing professional services to our clients since, without them, we would not be the giant paving company that we are today.


Our roads, driveways, and parking lots would not only be dangerous, but uncomfortable to drive on if they were to remain unpaved. Paving of parking lots and driveways ensures that your car will not be damaged as a result of sliding off from loose surfaces or being struck by loose rock and soil. If you live in Clinton and you want to reduce the chances of risking your life from driving on an unpaved surface, we are here to offer you with solutions. As an asphalt company in Clinton, we do both asphalt paving and driveway paving. If you happen to inquire about our paving services, rest assured that after the project is complete, you will feel that we have exceeded your expected satisfaction levels. We value our customers a lot. In all the projects that we undertake, we ensure that we surpass the expected levels of customer satisfaction. We value the environment that we work in. Unlike other paving companies, we have a concern for the environment, and that is why we use recycled asphalt. If we cannot get it, we source it from other paving contractors.


Clinton County is fairly a large city with some towns and neighborhoods around. No matter your location in Clinton, be rest assured that you can still get access to our paving services. We service homeowners, businesses, and agricultural landowners located in locations such as Breese, Keyesport, Wamac, Trenton, New Baden, Damiansville, and Hoffman. Additionally, if you are living in places such as Albers, Bartelso, Aviston, and Beckmeyer, rest assured that whenever you need to help with services, all you have to do is to give us a call and we will be at your premises within no time to assist you. We at Illinois Paving are a large asphalt paving company known regionally for our exceptional services. Accessing you at your place of work or residence is not a big problem for us. Just call us whenever you need our services, and we will be there to help you.


Deciding to call us to help you with all your paving needs in Clinton is something we highly appreciate and take ultimate pride on greatly. We believe in partnership through open communication with our clients. Whenever you need consultation or want your questions answered regarding paving, feel free to contact us on 217-788-7777. We promise to handle you with the respect that you deserve and answer every question you have about paving.