Illinois Paving is a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality paving services to Hillsboro residents. Our company rose from humble beginnings to become the giant paving company that it is today. Before turning out to be the preferred choice for offering paving solutions in Hillsboro and the entire state of Illinois, our company had to learn how to provide high-quality and custom paving solutions to businesses and homeowners. Since its inception 72 years ago, mistakes and challenges encountered have been taken as lessons by our firm. Thanks to hard work and determination, our firm is today the leading asphalt company in Hillsboro that provides paving solutions like no other. We take pride in having a positive working relationship with Hillsboro residents, and we want to continue serving the local community for years to come. We are here to serve you whenever you need our paving services.


We are a highly reliable and dependable asphalt paving company offering paving solutions to homes, businesses, and agricultural areas. When it comes to offering our services in Carlinville, we provide more than just one service one type of property. Farmers who want their cow paths paved can reach us for such solutions. Additionally, homeowners and business owners who want their parking lots and driveways paved can inquire from our team to have their driveways paved. Apart from paving, we also undertake driveway repair if of cracks, parking lot maintenance, expansion of current parking lots, and sealcoating. We have a team of highly professional individuals ready to assist you with any paving needs that you may need. If you are a resident of Carlinville and in need of paving, Illinois Paving is the solution you need.


Having been in business for more than 72 years have shaped us and made us understand how well to go about satisfying a customer. There are other paving companies doing driveway paving, tar and chip paving, and asphalt paving among others across Carlinville. However, the quality of our services is unmatched. If you happen to compare our asphalt driveways with those done by our other paving companies and paving contractors, you will notice the difference. Ours are durable, much smoother, and able to withstand huge traffic. We value the environment that we work in. We do not want to see too much landfill that may end up destroying the environment. It is for this reason that we have decided to use recycled asphalt which has been found to be friendlier to the environment than new asphalt. We as a paving company want to continue maintaining the positive reputation that we already have by continuing to provide the best possible paving services in Carlinville.


On a daily basis, we are deeply honored and humbled for being the number one choice in providing paving services to the residents of Carlinville. We are proud of having the capability of completing the projects we have at hand on time, and as a company, we thank you for believing in us. We have always encouraged clients with questions to do with paving to always contact us and ask our team of highly responsive customer representatives any question to do with paving. When you call, all your questions will be attended to in a professional manner. Residents of Carlinville can contact us by calling 217-788-7777. We are available from Monday to Saturday. Our hours of operqation are from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.