We are a family-owned business that has been serving the whole region of Illinois and communities within Calhoun for more than 72 years now. Illinois Paving is locally and regionally known as one of the best asphalt paving companies offering high-end top quality paving services. We have been rated positively by thousands of customers that keep on increasing on a daily basis. All these have not been achieved by luck. For 72 years, we at Illinois Paving have been working to ensure that residents around Calhoun get the best paving services ever. Throughout, we have been providing the residents of Calhoun with affordable, custom made, and high-quality paving services that other paving companies and paving contractors have not been able to match. Throughout the years that we have been in service, we have appreciated positive client feedback, an aspect that makes us know that we have a good reputation in the community.


The experience that we have gained in all the years that we have been in operation cannot be equaled to our closest competitors. We understand everything to do with paving whether it is tar and chip paving, asphalt paving, surface replacement, surface installation, and driveway paving. Many paving companies and paving contractors around Calhoun are in the paving business, but a good number of them have not mastered sufficient experience needed when it comes to paving. Some of them are in business just because they find it profitable. To a majority of them, the best way to gain experience is through trial and error. We are not like these companies. The more than 72 years of service in the paving industry have given us too much experience. If you compare asphalt driveways constructed by us regardless of whether we used recycled asphalt, you will notice the striking difference to those of our competitors. We understand what constitutes driveway paving, parking lot repair, and tar and chip paving among others.


Calhoun residents can utilize our services wherever they are. We have a team of highly trained professionals ready to assist businesses and residents of Calhoun with high-quality paving services. At Illinois Paving, we offer a huge range of service deliveries for agricultural landowners, residential buildings, and business owners spread all over Calhoun. If you are an owner of a business that needs paving solutions such as industrial sealcoating, installation of a new parking lot or the expansion of the current one that you have, we can offer such solutions with ease. The same applies to agricultural landowners and homeowners who need paving solutions regarding new driveways or parking lots. At Illinois Paving, we provide all these services including asphalt paving. If you are a resident of Calhoun or its surroundings, we are capable of completing custom made driveways, basketball courts, and carry out the subdivision of roads among others.


We are proud and deeply humbled for servicing Calhoun area and its residents. The locals of Calhoun have utilized our team on several locations, and we are proud to have a great reputation across the entire region of Calhoun. If you have a parking lot or driveway that needs urgent paving, reach out to us. Our work will be done by professionals who will leave you impressed. If you communicate with us about anything to do with paving, rest assured that you will get a smooth and safe driveway once the job is done. Call on 217-788-7777 today!