Our company was founded more than 70 years ago as a small paving company only operating in Springfield, Illinois. The founders were passionate about helping the residents of Springfield also to expanding the business. With time, Illinois Paving expanded to become the giant asphalt paving company that serves the residents of Athens and its surroundings. Illinois Paving is a family-owned business with a positive reputation across the city of Athens. Majority of residents in Athens identify with us based on the fact that we treat our customers with the utmost respect than other paving companies across the city. We have always ensured that our high-quality standards are maintained at all times. We believe that if the services we avail are not good enough for our own families, then they are not fit for you also. For the years that we have served the residents of Athens, we are elated to have received positive and encouraging client testimonials that have kept us going while continuing to provide you with quality services.


If that you inquire about the paving services that we provide to residents of Athens, it is important for us to ensure that we provide you with enough information to know exactly what we offer. As an asphalt paving company, we have always worked on providing paving and other asphalt solutions that the local community needs the most. We have a team of highly experienced professionals that treat their job very seriously. The importance of providing high-quality work at affordable rates is one of our core values. In every project that we undertake, we always want to make sure that we not only meet, but exceed your levels of satisfaction. Since our inception, we have worked on providing paving services for home owners and business owners where we have offered services such as tar and chip paving, driveway paving, and asphalt paving. Unlike other paving companies and paving contractors, we have also managed to advise clients on how to maintain their asphalt driveways.


The first thing that your friends and clients will see when they visit you is your driveway. However, majority of people across Athens do not care a lot when it comes to maintaining their driveways. Installing driveways could be costly regardless of whether recycled asphalt was used or new asphalt. These huge investments need to be regularly maintained so that they last for a while also to competing your home or business entity. We at Illinois Paving always advise our clients on the importance of maintaining their driveways. Clean and well maintained driveways are safe and comfortable to walk or drive on. Poorly maintained driveways with cracks and potholes are dangerous and destructive to cars and other types of machinery. Maintaining driveways is important as owners will not have to constantly spend huge sums either repairing or installing new ones.


Now that we covered almost everything to do with paving, would you like to inquire for more information from us about any other details to do with paving? We highly recommend that you call us so that we can assist you with any other questions you may have concerning paving. By calling us, you will end up being offered with a lot of information that you did not know about paving. If you reside in Athens or its surroundings, feel free to call us on 217-788-7777 and have all your questions answered by our highly responsive customer care attendants.