If you are a current resident living in Assumption, it is more likely that Illinois Paving is now a household name for you. Again, this has not happened by chance or luck. Illinois Paving is a large family-owned asphalt company firm that started from humble beginnings to where it is today. Not so many paving firms rival us when it comes to offering paving solutions in the city of Assumption. Even though there are other paving contractors and paving companies across Assumption City, the majority of residents are not faced with tough choices when it comes to making a decision on whom to source paving services from. Many residents in Assumption prefer to be serviced by us based on the fact that in the years that we have served them, we have ensured that we offer them excellent quality services coupled with fair prices for them. We are grateful for being regarded as a top-notch firm with attention to details.


A host of paving companies and paving and paving contractors in the city of Assumption only focus on driveway paving alone. Majority of them do not go beyond sealcoating, driveway resurfacing, sealing, and use of recycled asphalt when paving. We at Illinois Paving understand nearly everything to do with paving. We can offer you with tar and chip paving, excellent driveway paving, smooth asphalt driveways, and parking lot expansion just to mention ,but a few. We have in business for more than seven decades to understand nearly everything concerned with paving. As an asphalt company, we are proud to have served business owners, homeowners and agricultural landowners in Assumption and the neighboring surroundings on matters to with driveway paving, sealcoating, resurfacing, and the maintenance of driveways and parking lots. All the areas around the city are accessible by our team of professionals who have continued offering paving solutions to the residents of Assumption City.


Majority of our new clients like to inquire about some questions that we have proudly and honestly responded to regarding paving. When it comes to inquiring about certain issues to deal with the services we offer or aspects related to paving, we have always been open to making sure that clients are satisfied with our answers. One question that a lot of people seem to inquire the most is whether we offer discounts or not. To be honest, we offer discounts to servicemen and women who have at one time put their lives on the line defending the country from external aggressors. Other clients have also called inquiring to know whether recycled asphalt is good or not. Again, recycled asphalt functions the same as new asphalt. At times, it is even difficult to notice the difference. We have always believed that these types of questions help us to improve our services. That is why we have encouraged clients in Assumption to feel free and ask us anything on their mind related to our company and the services we offer.


We are proud and honored to continue providing our top quality paving services to the residents on a daily basis unlike other paving companies or paving contractors around. We welcome any question related to paving, and if you are a resident of Assumption City, you can call us and be attended by highly responsive customer care assistants ready to answer your questions on all aspects related to paving and our company in general. You can reach us on the phone via 217-788-7777.