Asphalt driveways in Jacksonville are sometimes referred to as black top driveways, macadam driveways, or asphalt driveways tarmac. They all mean the same thing. How common are asphalt driveways these days? The further North you travel across the United States, the more likely you will come across asphalt driveways. We at Illinois Paving are proud to be industry leaders and experts when it comes to installing asphalt driveways. Majority of states in the South are more likely to use concrete or permeable and interlocking paver driveways due to thaw cycles and the amount of freeze that they get. However, Jacksonville is a city located in Illinois that is prone to adverse weather conditions. For this reason, asphalt driveways are common across many locations in Jacksonville, and we take pride in having installed thousands of miles of asphalt driveways across Jacksonville.

Asphalt is very pliable, making it much friendlier and forgiving that concrete. Asphalt driveways in Jacksonville are also beneficial if you happen to live in regions that are prone to ice and snow as the black color of the asphalt has the capability of soaking in the heat from the sun and subsequently melt it down much faster than it would be for concrete driveways. For this reason, it is not strange to see why many residential homes, properties, and owners of business entities lately seem to prefer asphalt driveways as opposed to concrete ones.


Installing an asphalt driveway is easy and takes and asphalt paving contractor a short time to install. It usually takes one or two days after the subgrade preparation which can take anywhere between one day and a couple of weeks. Of importance to note is that there is little inconvenience when you have asphalt driveways installed to your driveway or business entity unless you occupy regions that need the subgrade to sit and air out for some weeks. Asphalt driveways in Jacksonville can be driven on less than 24 hours after it has been installed. However, new asphalt can take a long time to cure, so for this reason, minor scarring of new asphalt surfaces occurring from power steering divots, sharp turns, snow blades, and tractor tires may make new asphalt to crack, especially in hot sunny days. At Illinois Paving though, we have an amazing team of personnel who are experienced in filling or repairing cracks as soon as they are noticed.


When you have your asphalt driveways in Jacksonville installed by a reputable and dependable firm such as Illinois Paving, you will not have to worry about how constantly you will have to repair your highway. A properly installed driveway that undergoes regularly scheduled maintenance can serve you for more than 20 or even 30 years. The variation in age depends on the stability of the subgrade, the type, and frequency of maintenance cycles, the quality of installation, climate of the region, and the drainage plan. We at Illinois Paving have what it takes when it comes to installing asphalt driveways in Jacksonville regarding the stability of our subgrade materials, the quality of installation we adopt, and the drainage plan we implement.


Are you ready to install asphalt in your driveway or parking lot? We are ready to handle all asphalt needs professionally and efficiently. At your earliest discretion, you can call us anytime from Monday to Friday from To 5:30 p.m. Here any questions that you have about asphalt driveways will be answered. Our phone number is 217-788-7777.