For years that we have been in operation, as an asphalt company in Springfield, our goal has always been working to provide you with a stress-free asphalt paving experience carried out by efficient crews with hands-on project management experience. We make sure that once your project is complete, you will benefit by improving public safety, attracting new business, boosting your curb appeal and the appearance your roadway or property in general. We work extensively with individuals and property managers to help put together a budget that will fill all of their construction needs. All we want to ensure is that business owners, landowners, and residential locations are paved. Paved surfaces are safe and comfortable to walk or drive on. It is our businesses to ensure that driveways and parking lots are paved.


Asphalt is made of crushed gravel and stone, or aggregate that has been mixed with some binding agent. For long, concrete has been used for paving parking lots, roads, and other projects. Today though, asphalt paving is turning out to be the preferred choice. As an asphalt company in Springfield, our purpose is to serve our clients with all their asphalt needs whether it is paving their driveways, compounds, residential areas, or schools with asphalt.

In Springfield for instance, asphalt companies play a bigger role that cannot be ignored. Without asphalt companies, driveways, parking lots, and businesses would not be safe at all. The chances of cars being damaged and people having to replace damaged bumpers and tires would be high. In as much as driving in unpaved paths is dangerous, it is also unhealthy as dust particles that fall out of the air as a result of being kicked out by cars in unpaved surfaces get trapped in the mouth and nose, and when breathed, they may be harmful.


As a local asphalt company in Springfield, we always work on providing you with all your asphalt needs. Across the entire county of Springfield, our services in asphalt paving remain unmatched by other companies. We offer asphalt milling, asphalt repair and maintenance, full depth reclamation or pulverization, and asphalt overlay. Other services that we offer include asphalt crack repair, asphalt paving, and asphalt sealcoating.

The difference is that as an asphalt company in Springfield, we at Paving Illinois can offer paving services at lower costs and get better results than other paving companies across Springfield. We offer full asphalt service maintenance and repair to help you protect your investment also to extending the life of your asphalt. We have a trusted crew who take great pride in restoring the original look and functionality of your asphalt through offering exceptional maintenance or repair.

For businesses, agricultural lands, and homeowners across Springfield, we offer a wide range of asphalt services such as sealcoating driveways, installing new driveways, maintaining and repairing driveways and parking lots, and patching the current lot of your parking lot, driveway or cow paths.


We are an asphalt company in Springfield that takes pride in making sure that our clients are informed of the asphalt services we offer. For years that we have been in operation, testimonials from our clients and other people that we have served have been positive and impressive regarding our communication. We have an excellent team of well-informed customer care ready to answer all the questions that you could possibly think of about asphalt paving.

Whenever you are ready to pave your driveway, parking lot, or business surroundings and looking for asphalt company in Springfield, you can go ahead and contact us by calling us on 217-788-7777. Here, your questions will be responded in a timely fashion by our team of highly responsive customer care representatives ready to assist you all the way.