As an asphalt company in Jacksonville, we have been in operation for decades paving driveways and residential locations with asphalt. In all these years, we have made mistakes, but such mistakes have been our lessons. We have unmatched experience in the asphalt industry that spans more than five decades. With our high level of expertise, we have managed to handle thousands of projects across Jacksonville thereby gaining the much-needed experience when installing asphalt surfaces. We do not inflate the years of experience we have just to attract clients. Looking at our past projects, you will see that years of experience have enabled us to be creative and innovative. When it comes to asphalt paving, we can proudly say that we have been around for long to understand what it takes to pave driveways and footpaths with asphalt.


Many people do not understand the value or the importance of having asphalt companies in the society. As an asphalt company in Jacksonville, the contribution that we have brought to the society cannot be overlooked. Can you imagine walking in a roughly patched driveway or having to park your car in a poorly done or dirty parking lot? What are the chances of you sliding and getting hurt or having your car being damaged by loose stones that could be laying idle at the driveway or the parking lot? All of these questions point towards one thing. Unpaved driveways or parking lots are dangerous to walk on or even drive on. Chances of accidents occurring as a result of cars hitting potholes or cracks on the road remain high. At this point, the value and importance of asphalt companies cannot be ignored. As an asphalt company in Jacksonville, we have tirelessly worked to ensure that cracks and potholes are sealed with asphalt before they could hurt people or damage cars.


Concrete has for the longest time been used for paving surfaces. However, a closer examination of latest trends indicates that asphalt usage is increasing as a raw material used in paving parking lots, driveways, and walkways. In fact, we at Illinois Paving are lately embracing the usage of asphalt as opposed to concrete paving. Why are asphalt companies resorting to using asphalt as opposed to concrete? First, asphalt surfaces are strong enough to handle automobile traffic as opposed to concrete surfaces. Second, asphalt surfaces are extremely hard and durable. They offer enough flexibility to accommodate imperfections. Third, the removal and replacement of asphalt surfaces are much easier than cement or concrete surfaces. These are some of the reasons as to why asphalt companies are in favor of asphalt over concrete. We are experienced in asphalt paving. With us, expect smooth asphalt surfaces that are safe and comfortable to drive on.


As your local asphalt company in Jacksonville, we have and still strive to offer with exceptional asphalt paving services. We understand the advantages that come with asphalt surfaces. Our services are diverse and cut across several industries. If you are a business owner in need of asphalt paving solutions, we are ready to help. We do sealcoating, new parking lot installations, patching and repairs, and adding more parking lots. To homeowners, we can offer you with asphalt sealcoating services, driveway, and parking lot asphalt installation among others.


Among all the other pillars of our success, communication has been part of it. We believe that when we communicate, we avoid a significant number of inconveniences. Apart from Sunday, you can call us or visit our offices in Jacksonville where you will be assisted with everything to do with asphalt. Feel free to call us on 217-788-7777.